A New Perk at EC Makeup

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I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Toronto’s Green Beauty to offer my clients a curated collection of beauty products.

For years women in my chair have asked me the name of “this fantastic foundation” or wanted the colour of lipstick I just used on them.  And for as many years I have written down the information on a scrap of paper, which likely got lost in the shuffle.

I have never felt comfortable with the idea of selling product before because I have never felt allegiance to just one brand.  By teaming up with Green Beauty I have been able to chose my favourite brand of lip product, which is different from my favourite matte-finish foundation, which is different from my favourite brand of  cream blush.

All the products I offer are high-performing with the added benefit of being eco.

Rest assured there won’t be any hard-sells at client appointments.  But when you (inevitably) say, “What is this, I love it!  Where can I get it?”  I can conveniently say, “Right here!”.


26 Comments on “A New Perk at EC Makeup”

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